Dr. Ken Maloney, Advisor

Kenneth L. Maloney, PhD, Inc. (referred to as KLMCo) is committed to continued innovation and excellence in the field of combustion engineering. Whether by providing equipment, complete boilers, patenting new technology, or providing expert consultation and custom combustion solutions, KLMCo strives to increase business efficiency and reduce costs while improving production and reducing harmful emissions.

KLMCo holds the patent to Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) technology, which has been proven to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. The increase in efficiency translates directly into savings in the cost of fuel. FGR truly pays for itself. KLMCo's specialty burners are custom designed for optimum efficiency and fuel flexibility. KLMCo's Stoker Gas Matrix Burner (SGMB) is a unique way to convert coal-firing stoker boilers to natural gas. KLMCo also provides premier stoker and circulating fluidized bed boilers in utility and industrial sizes.

The current flagship project, a Co-Generation Biomass plant located in Kingsville, Ontario, will be the model to which many future green energy projects will adhere. The plant will use waste-wood as fuel to generate steam and electricity, while at the same time capturing CO2 and reducing emission pollutants. Its innovative design and technology will make Kingsville a benchmark in environmentally beneficial co-generation projects. The Kingsville plant is projected to commence construction this year; it will continue to produce clean energy, reduce waste, and improve forest conditions for many years to come.


Email: Maloney@sigmacapital.net


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