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Our Firm Sigma Capital Group, Inc., which was founded in 1996 in Raleigh, N.C. adjacent to the well-known Research Triangle Park. Sigma Capital has provided advisory and operational capabilities to distinctive companies throughout North America.

Industry Sector


We provide focus on well-managed companies, with distinctive product or service offerings in the following industry sectors:
  • Renewable Energy, with emphasis on Solar

  • Battery Energy Storage Systems

  • Natural Gas co generation in support of Solar/ESS

  • Energy Savings

Our Team Sigma Capital staff and advisory board consist of experienced, senior professionals in financial transactions and operational roles at leading institutions in served markets.


Executive Team


Team Member/ Email BIO 
Bruce Woodry, Woodry@sigmacapital.net Chairman & CEO
Dr. Jeff White, White@sigmacapital.net Vice President, Energy


Advisory Board

Dilip Das, Das@sigmacapital.net Energy
Dr. Sarah Green, Green@sigmacapital.net Sustainable Chemistry and IPCC Science
Grayson Hoberg, Hoberg@sigmacapital.net Internet / Sustainable Food
Janet Vanderpool, Vanderpool@sigmacapital.net Energy Development

In addition to our principal's extensive transactional experience, our senior staff members have executive operational experience at leading companies. With this unique perspective, consideration is given to both transactional and operational matters, yielding superior business results. For each specific client project undertaking, staff skills and industry insights are assigned with the functional and industry focus necessary to achieve the project outcome, client satisfaction, and exceptional shareholder returns.



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