Presentations by Sigma Personnel


Presentation to IQPC Hedge Fund Exchange, January 2009


Presentation to Michigan Technological University, February, 2007


Presentation to Energy X-Po, September 2007


Presentation to SME, October 2006


Presentation to Investor Ideas, April 2006


Presentation to Platts Financing Renewable Energy Conference,Chicago, IL, March 2006


Presentation to Biofuels Markets GreenPower Conferences February 2006

Presentation to Sustainable Biodiesel Summit February 2006

Presentation to Platts Biodiesel Conference, Chicago, IL, November 2005

Presentation to Great Lakes Canola Association, Carbondale, IL, October, 2005

Presentation, Michigan Public Service Commission, MREP committee, Fall, 2004

Presentation 1 to Energy Michigan, Lansing, MI, December, 2004

Presentation 2 to Energy Michigan, Lansing, MI, December, 2004

Presentation to Alternate Energy Conference, Traverse City, MI, October, 2004

Presentation to Technology Showcase, Traverse City, MI, April, 2004

Presentation to MicroGeneration to Power Parks, Lansing, MI, November, 2003


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