Dr. Jeff White, Advisor, Biomass to Energy

Dr. White has recently joined Sigma Capital as an advisor in Biomass to Energy conversion. For the past two years, Dr. White served as Executive Vice President of Renewable Utility Development Corporation where he devoted his time to developing deep expertise in the areas of biomass to energy including gasification, liquid fuel, pyrolysis, waste processing, cellulosic ethanol production and power generation technologies emanating from North America and European Communities.  Dr. White was instrumental in selecting technologies and developing several biomass projects in excess of $100 Million project cost each.


Prior to that, Dr. White spent over 12 years as an entrepreneur specializing in biopharmaceuticals and various executive positions, including  Senior Science Consultant at Bogart, Delafield, Ferrier LLC, a strategic consulting company for the pharmaceutical industry, Chief Scientific Officer of Predict, Inc., a clinical bioinformatics company, founder and President of Metacrine Sciences, Inc., a drug discovery company and was a founding scientist and Director of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Trophix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. White has extensive experience in technology evaluation, developing business models and in all aspects of capital raising.


Prior to moving into industry, Dr. White was a tenured Associate Professor of Medicine/ Endocrinology and Neurobiology & Behavior at SUNY Stony Brook and currently maintains an appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences, Rutgers University. Dr. White graduated cum laude from Wesleyan University and received his Ph.D. in Cell Biology from SUNY Stony Brook.

Email: white@sigmacapital.net



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